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When looking for a good slots casino, there are mainly two things you should examine: game variety and jackpots. The casinos listed below all offer great online slots action and all of them have games with progressive jackpots. When a progressive jackpot reaches a certain amount, a player actually has "positive expectation" and that's the core of a winning slots strategy. Below you will find the best casino for playing online slots.


Slots are among the most popular of online casino games. They are easy to use, offer big payouts and come in many different forms. All the best online casinos offer a wide variety of slot machines, including bonus feature slots and progressive jackpot slots. So if you enjoy playing online slots, you're in for a lot of fun and excitement!


Play slot machines and Knowing Your Expectation in Slots
Unfortunately, online slots are a negative expectation game, meaning you will lose money over the long term. That doesn't mean you can't make a big score in the short term. You may get ahead and retire from slots before it ever evens out. However, you should consider the negative expected value of the game when setting your slots bankroll. Find out the rate at which online slots will pay out. A 99 percent payback machine will give back 99 out of every 100 wagered. In other words, on such a machine you can expect to lose one dollar for every $100 you bet. Look for Slots Bonus. If you find a good online slots bonus, you can lower the house edge significantly. Most online casinos offer a slots bonus when you register a new account. Check out the top lists here at CasinoTopLists.com to find the best bonus offer.

Knowing Your Play Rate in Slots
All that remains is to know your play rate. This is simply how many spins you make in dollars per hour. If you make 100 spins at a five dollar machine every hour, your play rate is $500 an hour. If your negative expectation is one percent, this means you can expect to lose an average of five dollars for every hour you play slots.

Set Your Slot Bankroll Accordingly
What this means is that you have to have a bankroll that can withstand a loss of five dollars an hour. If you have $1,000 a month that you can use for slots, you can afford to play 200 hours a month. This does not mean that you will end the month busted and on some months you may not make it quite to the end. On average, the amount should give you that much play.


Online Slots Strategy Tips

Slot players are a dedicated group. It is a common sight at a casino to witness rows and rows of slot machine aficionados, putting in coin after coin for hour after hour without end. This type of play is made much easier with the advent of online slots, since players are free to take a break without fear of losing their machine. Those who do play slots online regularly are often looking for an edge. While there is no way to guarantee a win playing slots, you can create some favorable conditions simply by applying some easy to learn .

Online Slots Strategy Tip No. 1: Choose Your Machine Wisely
Not all slot machines are the same. There really are tighter and looser machines. A slot machine can pay out 75 cents of every dollar it takes in or it can pay out 99 cents, or any number in between. In a live casino, there is no way to tell what kind of a payout a machine is offering, but online, you can. Scour the online casino world until you find a machine you like with the optimal payout structure. Finding the right machine is an important part of your online slots strategy.


Online Slots Strategy Tip No. 2: Progressive Jackpots
If you're looking for the big money, you should be looking for progressive slots jackpots. To win the progressive jackpots, you need to hit a rare combination of symbols. While it is extremely difficult to hit, there are a large number of progressive machines on the site paying into the same pool, meaning the prize pool gets incredibly high. Since the pool grows independently of the odds (that is, it is not fixed by the casino) it can often grow to the point where your odds of hitting it are shorter than the odds the pool is offering you. When this happens, you should play as much as possible, since the odds are in your favor. In fact, you should seek out the highest progressive slots jackpots you can before you start to play slots online, to give yourself a head start.

Online Slots Strategy Tip No. 3: Max Coins
The progressive jackpots only pay off if you have played the maximum number of coins the machine allows. To hit the progressive symbols without having maximum coins played is tantamount to a loss of thousands of dollars. If you are playing a progressive machine, make sure you have max coins played at all times (simply hit the Max Bet button). If this seems too costly, play a machine where the value of a single unit is lower.


Slots Rules

There are no official slots rules or regulations. Instead, the variety of slots games makes it a popular choice for online gamers. There are many different variations of the Internet slot machine configuration; however, the most common slot machines that will be available online will include three reel, five reel, and multi-line machines.


Slot machines, on this page you find the best online casino for slot machines more reliable on the Internet:


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Bonus Casino


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Free Casino Bonus at Europa Casino Europa Casino $ 2400 Review
EuroGrand Casino $ 1000 Review
Free Casino Bonus at Casino Vegas Red Vegas Red Casino $ 888 Review
Joyland Casino $ 25 bonus no deposit + $ 850 on first deposit Review
Prestige Casino $ 1500 bonus with 1 hour of Free Spin + $ 800 on first deposit Review
Jackpot Scratch Free Bonus JackpotScratch Casino $ 250 Review
SkyKings Casino $ 500 Review

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