The Magnificent Future of Slots!!!

This week we have the great pleasure of presenting a little question and answer session with one of the most knowledgeable online slot experts in the world. As you can see, we have set up a unique domain for this little conversation in order to spread it far and wide.

Q: Welcome, mister Slobodan Tot. You are considered the foremost slots expert in the world. You are a free actor and consultant to some of the biggest online casinos and casino developers on the planet.

A: Thank you, that’s right. I have more than forty years of slots experience. I started out in Las Vegas in the early, happy 80s, just after the FBI had cleared the city of the mobsters. And in the early 2000s I swapped to the online market when there were very few properly organized online casinos around.

Q: But you focus only on slots, right?

A: That’s right. As in any industry, you need to choose your field. To become specialized. I chose something that was close to my heart already, namely slots.


Q: So, tell us, where are online slots at today?

A: Online slots have come a far, far way, and you’d be shocked if I were to tell you what’s in the pipe for the future. Just over the last few years the entire slots infrastructure has become exponentially sophisticated. There are even websites that look for RTPs above 100, although mostly listing progressive slots jackpots. In today’s climate, there is literally a slot machine for every taste. When I first started out slots were already the most popular game around, but they were quite monotonous. Most slots were pretty much the same. Today there are slots that barely resemble slots at all! There is a website that I usually recommend to anyone who wants to partake in the most creative and innovative slots options around, and it is WWW.HUBEN.COM. Whatever you’re looking for slots wise, you will find there. And more importantly, you will find stuff beyond your wildest imagination. It will takes slots to a whole new level for you.

Q: Now you got me curious. What do you believe will happen in the world of slots in the upcoming five years?

A: My friend, I have one answer and one answer only … an answer that will further revolutionize the world of slots: VR!

Virtual reality has barely begun and it is believed to transform the entire way we use and interact on the internet. It is a means to incorporate it with all of our senses, to build that imaginary dreamworld everybody drools of, yet that no one thought possible. That’s where we’ll be. Perhaps not in five years, but we sure will see a lot of VR developments taking place very soon. It’s already started. The VR slots wheels and reels are all in motion. Soon enough, once the technology has caught up fully, playing slots online through a set of VR goggles will feel MORE real than it does playing live.

Q: More real? Really?

A: Look around. How do you perceive your visual surroundings? You see it through a focused field and with a blurry periphery around it. Imagine everything you saw just one minute ago. It’s a pretty dimmed memory, isn’t it? So how’s that for reality to you? With VR goggles … once they’re sophisticated enough … you can program them to be hyper real. Stronger colors, sharper lines, no need for glasses to see details far away. Crystal clarity all over. How can you possibly beat that? And it will be all over, especially in online gaming, not to mention slot machines.

Q: Sounds amazing. But what exactly is there to do with slots that can be achieved with sophisticated VR technology?

A: I see what you mean, and it’s a legit objection. But you’re not thinking far enough, for there are innumerable opportunities ahead. How about you spin the wheels yourself instead of just pushing a button? How about you can twist and turn the reels around and have multiple reels going on a 3D-type of reels station? Where you might win a jackpot on the other side of where you’re standing? Or how about a slots machine where you’re tied to the reels so it is not just a game of slots but also an amusement part type carousel? You’re thinking in a limited fashion because you haven’t embraced the future yet. The best is to come and whatever you thought you knew about slots will soon be obsolete and subject to a dusty old museum. I’m telling you, the future of slots … as with anything else … will be the most grandeur thing you and I have ever seen. The only difference between you and I is that I have had a sneak peak thereof.

Q: Amazing. Absolutely amazing. I cannot wait to sign up for some next generation slots. Please let’s me know when the time is ripe, and I’ll be first in line.

Thank you, Slobodan, for coming to us today. Next week we’ll talk with a former online casino CEO about his take on 2023.

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